How Do You Know It’s Time to Get Term Insurance?

How Do You Know It’s Time to Get Term Insurance?

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Term insurance is beneficial at every stage of life. When you are young and have a fresher’s salary, term insurance is one of the few types of insurance that you can afford. When you are older and have children, term insurance promises to secure your loved ones if anything uncertain happens to you. So you must get a tem insurance cover and keep your life protected.

A New Way to Think About Term Insurance

Term insurance has been seen as a backup by many since long – people simply buy term plans as a risk protection without giving much thought to it. While term insurance does work well to cover the risk of death, you should treat your term insurance plan with more seriousness. Start off by choosing the policy carefully and not buying the first policy you come across. Then, think about the ways in which you can use your term insurance cover, apart from the obvious aspect of covering your life. Some of the useful ways in which a term insurance cover can help are:

Cover your loans: Do you have a large home loan that you are still repaying? Have you thought what will happen if you die suddenly? Your family will be burdened with the loan repayment and if there is any problem, it may even lead to the loan provider asking your loved ones to vacate the house. The thought may be frightening but this may very well happen. To prevent such an incident, simply buy a term insurance plan. Even if you die without closing the loan, your family members can use the sum assured from the plan and clear your dues effortlessly.

·Cover future financial milestones: You may dream of sending your child to Cambridge University one day. However, if you die, your daughter must still get to live the dream. Buy a term cover large enough to cover the important milestones of your family. These include your children’s higher education, their marriage, your parents’ planned medical procedures and so on. You can plan out your financial commitments and secure them with a suitable term life insurance policy.

Cover your medical bills: No one thinks of the eventualities of life, but they are a reality. You may meet with a nasty accident tomorrow and land up in coma. Worse, you may die a few days later. Not only will your family be left with the trauma of losing you, they will also be handed a fat hospital bill. Thereafter, they have to organise for your funeral costs. If you have a term cover, these expenses will easily be taken care of. So be practical and think about all the dangers of life when buying a term insurance plan.

Why is term insurance not pointless?

Term insurance is definitely not pointless. As we saw from the points mentioned above, there are way too many benefits of term insurance. And these benefits make your term plan one of the most valuable aspects of your financial portfolio. So give term insurance its due respect because the advantage it provides far outnumbers its cost. Also, invest some more time and effort while buying the plan and simply don’t settle for the first option that you find. A good tip here is to use the online  insurance broker’s websites like You can compare and find the best plans in just a few minutes. So never forget to compare before you make a final purchase.

In a nutshell

Term insurance indeed is a blessing. We have long ignored the many benefits that a term plan offers. But now that you know about them all, do not stay ignorant any further. Chalk out your insurance requirements, calculate your suitable live cover and get an appropriate plan at the earliest. Once that is done, buy your plan online and make huge savings in the process. Then continue to pay the premiums on time or else your policy will lapse. Do not let the policy lapse as getting a new plan at an older age will be quite problematic for you. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and discover the magical world of term insurance and make some smart purchases right away. 

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